Stress Management at the Workplace (GA) - 12 - 13 February 2014 Dubai, UAE

June 27, 2019

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Stress Management at the Workplace (GA)

Dubai, UAE

12 - 13 February 2014

Stress Management at the Workplace is an experiential training program that enables participants to master the competencies of professional resilience, even during times of tremendous internal & external change & challenges. Participants learn to assess and grow their own individual strengths by exploring factors that can support or take away from resilience.

This training workshop utilizes the S.U.P.P.O.R.T.™ model of Resilience which builds understanding of the following concepts: Stress Hardiness, Understanding, Purpose, Persistence, Optimism, Resourcefulness and Team. Working from a platform of resilience, participants become better able to anticipate change, influence others positively and contribute to a thriving organizational culture.



  • Improved understanding of resilience
  • Enhanced capacity for scanning environments
  • Greater resilience in challenging times
  • Enhanced sense of personal power
  • Increased ability to maintain professional poise
  • Improved impact in key professional relationships
  • Better ability to bring focus to priorities  for professional success
  • Ability to create a culture of S.U.P.P.O.R.T.
  • Ability to respond positively to change
  • Improved understanding of all challenges
  • Development of action plans for further growth

Highly experiential learning with exercises on every topic brings participants to a greater understanding of themselves, their relationships with others and an increased ability to create personal and professional success; to thrive in times of change. Participants work in individually, in pairs, small groups and the large group. Expect increased Morale, Productivity and therefore, Profitability.


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