Document & Information Management, Security, Retention & Archiving: Theory, Policy & Governance - 01 - 02 December 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

October 1, 2020

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Document & Information Management, Security, Retention & Archiving: Theory, Policy & Governance

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

01 - 02 December 2014

Information is an essential asset for any organisation. Managed well, it increases efficiency and quality and contributes directly to the bottom line. Information managed badly is a risk.

Document & Information Management, Security, Retention & Archiving Course is a complete program and will give you understanding, tools and templates to manage information according to laws and regulations.

Workshop 1: Theory, Policy and Governance (Day 1 - Day 2)
Workshop 2: Methods and Best Practices (Day 3 - Day 4)

This training workshop can be taken as a full 4 day course, or as either a 2-Day course (Day 1 & 2) for Decision-makers, Directors, and Senior Officers responsible for the costs and risks of Information, or a 2-Day course (Day 3 & 4) for team leaders and staff with day to day, hands-on responsibility for managing information.

Upon registration, you are required to complete a short questionnaire related to your expectation and other issues.

Upon completing Day 1 & 2 (Theory, Policy and Governance), you will be able to:

- Know what the costs and risks of badly managed Information are, and the benefits of well-managed information
- Understand the basic theories of information security and retention
- Ensure that your Information Governance is fit for purpose
- Know why you keep information and when you should destroy it, legally and safely
- Manage your organization’s archives
- Ensure that paper and digital documents are managed to the same standards
- Reduce and manage the flood of email and social media
- Create Policies to guide your staff

Who should attend:

- CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs & their PAs
- Company Secretaries, Legal officers
- Directors and Managers of regulated dept
- Managers from regulated industries
- Managers planning M&As, Divestments or business expansions
- Staff preparing for promotion to these levels
- Staff who need to influence or inform their Chief Officers at these levels

Upon completing Day 3 & 4 (Methods and Best Practices), you will be able to:

- Survey your information to identify what you have, what it is costing you, and what risks it carries
- Assess the quality of your information processes and take steps to save time and money
- Decide whether you need software to improve information management and configure that software
- Train and monitor staff who are creating, filing, finding and using information to ensure best practice
- Improve filing systems and labelling (metadata) to make life easier for all staff

Who should attend:

- Staff responsible for information, Records, Information Security or Retention
- Staff from IT who design, configure or maintain systems for information users
- Document Controllers, Administrative Officers, Archivists, Records Managers
- Participants who attended Day 1 & 2 that wish to learn the methods for implementing the Policies

For further details, kindly download the PDF brochure.




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