Strategic Human Resources Management - 10 - 12 August 2014 Dubai, UAE

October 1, 2020

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Strategic Human Resources Management

Dubai, UAE

10 - 12 August 2014

Rapidly changing workplace initiatives, legal landscapes, technology and workplace culture require HR professionals to think beyond organizational policies. 

HR must be strategic in ways that benefit the organization and prove a Return on Investment (ROI). The Strategic Human Resources Management program provides the knowledge and practical skills for human resources administration and management.
The content is based on the essential knowledge and expertise identified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in the United States. 
Please note that this course is not an HR compliance course, but a course about using and managing human capital strategically. All of the sessions are facilitated discussions – they feature a high degree of participant interaction, hands-on activities, and tools and resources that can immediately be applied back at work.
Prior to the course, participants are asked to define one goal that they would like to complete (e.g., update a program, develop an initiative, solve an employee issue) as a result of attending this course. This will ensure attendees are able to implement some of what they learned immediately as they work towards achieving that goal. 


  • Determine the human resources challenges that are most important to their own organization
  • Learn a simple process to examine human resources issues from a strategic perspective
  • Assess the integration of their organization mission and culture into their human resource management practices
  • Understand their role in the success of all business functions
  • Learn how to evaluate when to increase or decrease staffing levels
  • Create job descriptions that improve ability to select good employees
  • Develop interview questions that effectively screen job candidates 
  • Identify the essential elements of a successful recruitment strategy
  • Evaluate their current on-boarding program
  • Identify the criteria for a successful performance management process
  • Learn how to conduct a learning needs assessment
  • Create a sample organizational training program
  • Develop a sample employee development plan
  • Identify cost effective employee development strategies
  • Identify the factors to consider when setting employee compensation levels
  • Evaluate their organization employee benefits and discuss ways to improve them
  • Learn how to assess employee engagement
  • Create a plan to sustain or achieve a high level of employee motivation 
  • Determine the steps necessary to handle employee exits 
  • Determine the steps necessary to effectively manage a poorly performing employee 
  • Learn how to create a positive workplace culture and successfully lead their organization through culture change



The course is suitable for anyone who wants to better manage HR performance.

  • HR Director / Managers / Officers
  • HR professionals who find themselves managing HR as part of many other functions
  • The accidental HR Manager
  • Professionals new to HR
  • HR Assistants and Coordinators


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