Advanced Certificate in Security Management - Contact us for further details. Dubai, UAE

March 4, 2021

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Advanced Certificate in Security Management

Dubai, UAE

Contact us for further details.

The Advanced Certificate in Security Management training program can be delivered on site or in a training room with numerous scenario and practical assignments to be completed. This program is an internationally recognized qualification by both higher learning Institutions and Government.

Our training program uses tested and true methods, advanced technology combined with relevant practical experience, train your staff on best practices in security, recognise potential threats and equip them, if necessary, to respond to security risk situations.  

We deliver some of the most comprehensive and professional (fully accredited) Security courses available. Students will receive face to face trainer led theory classes, and practical sessions involving small groups and individual activities. 

We use the Problem Based Learning (PBL) concept on the last session of each day.  This concept requires officers to be provided with a security problem and then they demonstrate how they would deal with that problem whilst being guided by an instructor.

Our aim is to train highly motivated and professional security managers & leaders to a standard which far exceeds requirements.




  • How do we manage people

The problems security supervisors face
Working with diverse nationalities and cultures
Time management
Project Management for Security Teams

  • Leading Security Teams

How to lead a security team
Effective Communications
Effective Teamwork

  • Manage conflict within your security teams

Dealing with difficult people
Verbal judo
Management of Aggressive Behaviour
Dismissal procedures

  • How to plan and Prepare Training Sessions

Identifying Training Needs
How to write a Training Course
Presenting a Training Course
Problem Based Learning



  • Communicating with Management

Effective budgeting
Human Resources Liaison
Proper Resourcing
How to conduct effective briefings and de-briefs

  • Radio Communications Management

Identifying Best Practice
Radio Terminology
Equipment reviews
Management of Multi Department Responses
Repeaters and Channel allocation

  • Security Report Writing

Gathering the information you need
Verifying information
Interview Skills
Using the correct format
Report writing Instruction Techniques



  • Maintain the security of your environment

Knowing your environment
Spot Checks & Maintenance Schedules
Inter Company relations
Intelligence Gathering
Keeping up to date with Technology

  • Management Liaison during Crisis Situations

What is a crisis
Managing the Media/Press
Leading the way
Terrorism threats
Environmental concerns

  • Determine a response to a security risk situation

Preparing for a Response
Radio Compatibility

  • Provide safety for persons at risk

How do we protect our people
Personal safety equipment


Recent Testimonials:


"The course quickly changes your mind. All in all, best course I have ever done. Adrian was outstanding with his delivery of the course. Without a doubt the best, most down to earth and relaxed instructor."

I think I speak on behalf of the participants there when I sum up the course and in a word "Fantastic"

"For anyone that involve in the Security sector, I will recommend this course, it makes you realize and respect what is involved. I am looking forward to the next workshop by Adrian


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