Serious Incident Prevention™ - Contact us for further details. Manama, Bahrain

February 25, 2021

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Serious Incident Prevention™

Manama, Bahrain

Contact us for further details.


Serious Incident PreventionSM(SIP) provides critical training designed to reduce catastrophic events.
Participants will learn how to:
  • Identify risks and work practices critical to addressing those risks
  • Measure and track those work practices
  • Encourage conversations around those critical work practices
  • Identify improvement targets and creates action plans
  • Include an effective Process Safety Leadership
  • Develop a Team that involves representative engineers, management, operators, and maintenance
Measure behaviors that are critical to serious incidents:
  • Maintenance of instrumentation and controls
  • Completion of hazard analysis, inspection, and testing
  • Compliance with work permits and procedures
  • Completion of process upset logs and review at shift change


“Best workshop I have ever been to. I have been struggling for a while as to how I could engage in our safety program in a meaningful way. You have given me the keys.”
“This is exactly what we needed. And it comes at a great time in the development of our safety program”
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