PEER® - A Dynamic Safety Leadership Process - In-house Training On-site

March 7, 2021

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PEER® - A Dynamic Safety Leadership Process


In-house Training


A consistency of focus, purpose and execution is fundamental to achieving the highest levels of safety performance. Based on behavioral psychology, the PEER® course focuses on the ‘how’ of safety leadership, rather than the ‘what’ of safety leadership.

To help develop the ‘safety partnership, that is so vital for success, managers are taught how to ‘Positively Engage Employee Risk’. The course provides practical coverage of the essentials to demonstrate visible and demonstrable ongoing Safety Leadership.


Developing manager’s key leadership skills to exert the maximum influence on people’s safety behaviors to help create a strong, positive and sustainable ‘culture of safety’.

Intended for

All those who have responsibility for managing people (senior business leaders, team leaders, asset managers, and others who have an interest in leadership and safety).

Key Elements

  • How Safety Leadership processes enhances your existing HSE program
  • The communication attributes of successful leaders
  • The Behavioral Observation Process
  • Field Work
  • Course Review and Personal Contract



  • Understand the aims and objectives of the PEER® behavioral process
  • Understand where behavioral observation fits into the overall approach to HSE on site.
  • Development of effective influencing and communication skills.
  • Address safety behaviors through the application of Behavioral Observation skills and techniques
  • Use and apply the appropriate steps, behaviors and skills necessary for effective engagement
  • Set personal goals and develop an action plan with regard to your own visible leadership, commitment and contribution to HSE

Prior Knowledge: No prior knowledge or training is required.

Course Duration: 1 – 2 Days

Course Numbers: Maximum 10 per session

On-site Coaching/Assistance: we are happy to partner with your company to provide ongoing coaching and mentoring of personnel as they develop and practice their safety leadership skills.

Additional comments

An online Software package is available to the company to collectively monitor and track the safety leader’s observations to provide detailed feedback about the effectiveness of their safety leadership efforts. PEER® observation Cards with the client companies ‘logo’ are also available for purchase.

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Course Agenda

Module 1: Behavioral Observation and how it fits in with the overall Safety Programme?

  • What is Behavioral Observation?
    • Where Behavioral Observation fits in with Company’s safety efforts
    • Hazard Triangle
    • The Benefits of Behavioral Observation
    • Why Do People Behave the Way they Do?
    • Key Aspects of Success

Module 2: Communicating during the Behavioral Observation Process

  • Good Leadership Communications
    • Practical Communication tips
    • Body Language
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Destructive communication behaviors
    • Overcoming barriers

Module 3: The Behavioral Observation Process

  • Stage One: Planning Your Observation
  • Stage Two: Observations
    • Observation Classifications
    • Tips for Effective Observation
  • Stage Three: Engagement
    • Steps for engaging an Employee
    • Tips for effective Engagement
  • Stage Four: Follow-Up & Review
    • Purpose of Follow-Up
    • Tips for effective Follow-Up
    • Completing a PEER® card

Module 4: Field Work

  • Field Work
    • Conducting PEER® Observations
  • Review and Feedback

Module 5: Course Review and Personal Contract

Personal Contract

Your Workshop Leader

An acknowledged Global Expert on BBS and Safety Culture, Professor Dominic Cooper CPSYCHOL CFIOSH is an award-winning author with over 20 years experience in the SH&E field. He pioneered Behavioral Safety in the UK Construction Industry in the late 1980’s and has since implemented Behavioral Safety in the America’s, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Some of these projects have involved between 25,000 - 47,000 third-party nationals on LNG expansion projects in Africa and the Middle East.

His vast practical experience includes projects in Agriculture, Aviation, Civil Engineering, Chemicals, Construction, Foods, Medical, Oil & Gas, Steel, Paper, Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Transport and Utilities. He has consistently helped global companies such as Birds Eye, Dow Corning, Kellog, Brown & Root, McVities, Mobil, RasGas, SABIC, and many, many others achieve 40 - 100% reductions in their Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) within 12 months.


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