Visible Safety Leadership, Quality, Behavior & the Bottom Line - Contact us for further details. Dubai, UAE

February 25, 2021

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Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) & Safety Leadership

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Visible Safety Leadership, Quality, Behavior & the Bottom Line

Dubai, UAE

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Part 1: Visible Safety Leadership (Day 1 - Day 2)

Visible Safety Leadership is designed to:
- Ensure a more consistent level of attention to safety
- Build supervisors’ and managers’ commitment to safety
- Create better accountability at each level of the organization
Visible Safety Leadership ensures a more consistent implementation and higher level of sustainability for your Safety Management System (including Behavior Based Safety).

By the end of the course, you should understand: 
  • Why employees make decisions that put themselves or others at risk of injury
  • How to give positive feedback and discuss concerns
  • What critical behaviors are necessary for true safety leadership
  • How to prompt, monitor, and increase those critical safety leadership behaviors
  • How to cascade safety leadership behaviors at each organizational level
  • How to focus on important safety issues in meetings
  • To develop personal action plans to support safety leadership on a daily basis


 Part 2: Quality, Behavior, and the Bottom Line (Day 3 - Day 4)

The Quality, Behavior, and the Bottom Line workshop is critical for anyone who has implemented a quality improvement initiative but has not achieved or sustained the desired results. All quality doctrines call for supportive senior executives to ingrain quality practices into the organizational culture, but the world-famous initiatives do not specify how to do this. This workshop does.
Participants will learn how to:
  • Identify risks and work practices critical to addressing those risks
  • Measure and track those work practices 
  • Encourage conversations around those critical work practices
  • Identify improvement targets and creates action plans
  • Include an effective Process Safety Leadership
  • Build Teams that involves representative engineers, management, operators, and maintenance
  • Develop Behavioral Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Integrate SIP into Traditional Safety & Health concepts
  • Establish Performance Standards & Key Performance Indicators
  • Learn how to Reinforce and Implement Corrective Action



“Best workshop I have ever been to. I have been struggling for a while as to how I could engage in our safety program in a meaningful way. You have given me the keys.”
“This is exactly what we needed. And it comes at a great time in the development of our safety program”
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